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Three great articles on Palin and her detractors one by Melissa Clouthier one by Sissy Willis (my guest next week on DaTechGuy on DaRadio) and Lori Ziganto at Snark and Boobs.

You should read all three but I think you can reduce the articles down to one general rule. Like all general rules there will be occasional exceptions but I think it’s very solid:

Palin Rule #1

The amount of hysterical and bitter vitriol thrown at Sarah Palin by any individual is inversely proportional to said person’s self-esteem and self image

Note that “vitriol” is not the same as “snark”

There is an inverse rule which all of us Palin Fans need to keep in mind:

Palin Rule #2

Any person who finds gets in a hysterical rage over an individual joke or snark or hit on Sarah Palin needs to re-read Exodus 20:2-3 Stat!