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7:45 p.m. Asking about who on the state level has the role on the state level to look over this? Answer: AG would prosecute if there is any issue but the Sec of State can be called to get involved.

7:40 p.m. By an odd coincidence the “interesting” box in precinct #5 gave a 2 vote gain for the dem.

7:30 p.m. Talking about precinct #5 Box in Southbridge Mass.

7:25 p.m. Coming back from break, talking about the crack in the Ballot box space to get a hand in.

7:20 p.m. Talking about the plastic tubs that were cracked open.

7:10 p.m. More details on the recount in Southbridge. It looks like a disgrace. Spencer was MUCH better.

7:05 p.m. Conservatively Speaking on the air. Our Guest Jim McKenna former republican candidate for AG in Massachusetts. Listen live here. Call in at 508-438-0965

I will be blogging and tweeting Conservatively Speaking as time permits once my show starts it will be a little hard to keep up the blogging but I’ll keep it up as best as I can.

Via Josh Trevino (to whom I still owe a drink) we have this story out of Israel:

“If people ask when Jews will lose their majority, then it’s already happened,” DellaPergola said. “If one combines the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, includes foreign workers and refugees, whose numbers have grown rapidly in recent years, and omits Israelis who made aliya under the Law of Return but are not recognized as Jews by the Interior Ministry, then Jews are slightly less than 50% of the population.”

The finding is potentially significant in the context of efforts to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians.

As Mark Steyn has said many times demographics are destiny so if Israel doesn’t do something their state will disappear through sheer numbers. Lucky for the children of Israel instructions have already been given to solve that solution by their founder:

God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them: “Be Fertile and multiply and fill the earthGen 9:1

Be fertile , then and multiply ; abound on the earth and subdue it,Gen 9:7

Personally I don’t think Israel is going to find a better source of advice do you?  I personally think all of western civilization should follow it.



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The Eu and the fools who decided to give up their identities for the sake of what in my opinion amounts to a Franco German alliance sphere and the ability of a lot of elites to get themselves voted comfortable lives paid for by the citizenry, are in a panic.

As the Economic situation gets worse and worse and bailout after bailout is discussed the once invincible Euro zone is showing the inevitable cracks that such foolishness brings, to wit:

But look at your response to them: what they are being told as their government is collapsing is that it would be inappropriate for them to have a general election. In fact [EU Economic and Monetary Affairs] Commissioner [Olli] Rehn here said they had to agree to their budget first before they are allowed to have a general election.

Just who the hell do you think you people are? You are very, very dangerous people indeed: your obsession with creating this euro state means that you are happy to destroy democracy, you appear to be happy with millions and millions of people to be unemployed and to be poor.

Untold millions must suffer so that your euro dream can continue. Well it won’t work, because it’s Portugal next. With their debt levels of 325 percent of GDP they are the next ones on the list, and after that I suspect it will be Spain, and the bailout for Spain would be 7 times the size of Ireland, and at that moment all the bailout money has gone – there won’t be any more.

These people must be getting nervous because they have reached the point where they are escorting people out of the chamber because a Mr. Schultz’s feelings were hurt.

Nobody likes to be called a fascist but apparently Mr. Schultz and the folk who support him have a much thinner skin than those who they oppose as pointed out by Daniel Hannan in the Telegraph:

Several aspects of this episode should alarm us. First, there is the democratic objection. Surely it is up to the electorate to decide who sits in a legislature. If Bloom can be denied his place by his fellow MEPs, what is to stop the federalist majority voting to expel every Eurosceptic?

Then there is the liberal objection. In a free society, the right to say what you will trumps the right not to be offended. We should allow people to be ignorant, ill-mannered, obnoxious; to condemn themselves by their boorishness.

Above all, though, there is the sheer one-sidedness. I’ve blogged before about the way in which Euro-integrationists routinely dismiss their opponents as Nazis. The leader of the European Liberals, Graham Watson, has said that Eurosceptics put him in mind of “the National Socialists in the German Reichstag”. In the run-up to the French referendum on the European Constitution, Margot Wallström, then Sweden’s Commissioner, travelled to the Theresiendstadt concentration camp to and told “No” voters that this was where their ideology would lead. Only last week, Herman Van Rompuy, the Euro-President, said “we have together to fight the danger of a new Euro-scepticism. Fear leads to egoism, egoism leads to nationalism, and nationalism leads to war”.

Yet they still sit in fact check out this clip where that same Mr. Schultz throws out the “fascist” label against a person who makes the unforgivable sin of asking for the financial books to be opened.

Bottom line, when bloated dictatorships and or bureaucracies she their power and privileges start to slip away they tend to get angrier and panic ridden and more oppressive. As Andrew Stutterford says at NRO:

But then the EU parliament is not about freedom. Never has been. Never will be.

Indeed. Via Sissy Willis on Twitter

Update: Cubachi comments:

If anything, I want to thank Mr. Bloom for sticking to his principles and proving once and for all, the pathetic nature of the European Union. If only this socialist wet dream can be thrown in the dustbin of history. I think this can be the beginning of the end of the UK’s membership.