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concerning related stats stats:

Don’t mess around with guys just for the sake of being able to say you’ve got a boyfriend. You’re better off being alone than to let yourself be played like a chump.

Don’t let a guy string you along and waste your time. Tell him to get serious or get lost. Lots of guys will drift along in a “relationship” while keeping an eye out for their next girlfriend. If he doesn’t love you enough to ask you to marry him, he’s going to dump you sooner or later, honey. Save yourself the heartache.

If it can happen to Kim Kardashian, girls, it can happen to you: Used and discarded by a series of boyfriends, until one day you wake up at 30 and notice that guys aren’t flocking around like they were when you were 20 and thought you had all the time in the world.

End of fatherly lecture.

And as the father of Daughters this comes from his heart.

I’d like to ask this: For decades Planned Parenthood has claimed that they were all about stopping teen pregnancy, condoms in the schools and all that? How can we have 40% of kids born to unwed mothers if they have been active and mainstream for decades, particularly in minority communities?