Pay no attention to those weapons in the building supply box

Posted: November 15, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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You know can we stop pretending that Iran is anything other than a thug state?

Iran is claiming there was a “misunderstanding” when its arms, mislabeled as “building supplies,” were seized last month at a Nigerian port.

Oh a Misunderstanding that’s it we always misplace Artillery rockets and ordnance are always accidentally packed in creates labeled building supplies:

According to the Associated Press, there were concerns that the arms were headed for Nigerian politicians who intended to respond with violence if they lost in upcoming elections.

And the left wants to trust these guys with nukes? Well never fear the Nigerians aren’t taking this lying down:

if an investigation proved Iran had violated United Nations sanctions and international law, the African nation would consider reporting the Islamic Republic to the U.N.

Oh THAT’S gonna scare them.

I suspect we won’t take Iran seriously until there is a big creator in Tel Avi. But I also suspect there are more than a few people who consider that a feature and not a bug.

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