Voter Fraud in Worcester Ma.

Posted: November 9, 2010 by datechguy in elections, politics
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Martin Soloman bluntly says aloud what I’ve been hearing only in whispers.

Attached is a photo I took when a Neighbor to Neighbor organizer escorted a voter into the booth as an “interpreter” [See above]. Funny; the ballots were bi-lingual so I didn’t see the need for an interpreter. She was coaching voters to vote all “D’s” and on a few occasions she actually had the pen in her hand.

I was almost kicked out by the police officer who was sitting in the room when I took this photo but I told him I’d be more cooperative and sat back down. Soon after this photo the Baker legal team [Charles Baker, Republican candidate for governor] was able to convince the warden and the officer that this woman was not allowed to escort any more voters to the booths. She quickly changed tactics and started sending people in with a sample ballot filled out so the voter would just copy it. Incredible!

well that’s only one example, oh wait:

These “interpreters” were certainly the call of the day. At the location I was working, the “interpreter” was a priest — or some cat with a priest collar on from a church that sounded anything but sacred. I reported him numerous times to the two wardens who did talk to him, but argued with me about him being an interpreter. I informed them that typically interpreters don’t talk with their hands unless they’re in the deaf community. And they usually don’t need polling pens, to interpret, either. I also mentioned that the ballots were bilingual except for the names that were all over the TV, radio, lawn signs, etc. for the past year. None of this seemed to impart any wisdom on the wardens.

Read the whole thing and you won’t wonder why the results were so contrary to the polls around here.

  1. dahospitalityguy says:

    why is it that whenever a democrat wins an election the only possible cause is that of fraud?

  2. This is a factually detailed allegation, evidenced by a firsthand witness of one polling place, during one election day. A rhetorical question containing a sweeping generalization isn’t a helpful response, me thinks.

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  4. bob sykes says:

    So why are you still living in MA? Get serious about your life! Move out!

    I have not sympathy for you. You are a willing victim. You actually deserve what is happening to you.

    I have a few relatives left in MA, and they are every bit as stupid as you are.

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  6. wow who peed on Bob Sykes cornflakes

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