Mark Helprin Redux on DADT

Posted: November 9, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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In case anybody forgot. From Jan 2007 to Jan 2011 The democratic party held both houses of congress.

From Jan 2009 a democratic president was in the White House.

During all of this time democrats had the ability to repeal DADT…

…they did not.

Now with less than 60 days to go in their majority, budgets and key items to pass the NYT is whining:

Prospects for Congress to authorize repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy face new uncertainties as time runs out for the Senate to act and strong objections remain among Republicans and the most senior ranks of the military.

What a crock. I expect the liberal media to spend the next two years beating their breasts over this.

Update: In case you don’t get the reference let me quote Mr. Helprin from Aug 2000:

If George W. Bush becomes president, the armies of the homeless, hundreds of thousands strong, will once again be used to illustrate the opposition’s arguments about welfare, the economy, and taxation.

Now that you mention it I haven’t seen many stories on the Homeless. I suspect after Jan 3rd that might change slightly.

and BTW my own opinion on DADT is here.

  1. dahospitalityguy says:—army-of-mum

    Although this is satire it sounds like a perfect solution to me.

  2. dahospitalityguy says:

    Perhaps they were too busy passing health care, credit card bill of rights, hate crimes law, and thirty other pages worth of legislation