Massachusetts gets the government it deserves

Posted: November 3, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news, politics, tea parties
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This has been a good day for the country and a disastrous day for Massachusetts. We wasted the best opportunity we’ve had to make effect actual change in the state in years. This requires several messages to several different groups so I will state them in order.

1. To the Democratic Machine:

Congratulations, you managed to use your political resources and government resources very well. The use of poll watchers in larger cities where Brown did well paid off big time allowing you to increase turnout of your voters. You also used the fear card of Question 3 to the fullest advantage. Very well-played. By securing the statewide offices and all the watchdogs you have assured yourselves of at least 4 more years of good stealing. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

2. To the Massachusetts left:

Congratulations you must be feeling very good right now. You matched our turnout and managed to retain all 10 house seats. Of course you will lose one of them to redistricting next year, and likely a second one in 2022 as our productive population continues to leave, but be that as it may; you did secure the Tax and fee nirvana that you have wanted. May you be happy in the situation you have chosen.

3. To the Massachusetts Taxpayer:

I’ve very disappointed in you. Not only did you fail to roll back the sales tax but you elected people particularly for auditor and in Ma-6 whose corruption is publicly known. Almost as bad you returned the person most responsible for the current nationwide financial crisis to office in Ma-4. I talked to many of you and I really thought you had finally reached your breaking point but apparently it will take much more bad news to shock you out of your complacency. Have no fear it will come. Maybe it will be the shock when you discover that all these democrats that you returned to congress are now in the minority and all of those tax dollars taken from you that they returned in lump sums at .82 cents on the dollar will not be coming back since they don’t have the clout to gain them and the republican house where all spending must originate is unlikely to approve them. If you had sent even a single republican to the house at least in one district there would be clout, but nope, no can do. You will miss that .82 cents on the dollar, but don’t worry the feds will meet you halfway. They will still take that dollar it was part of.

4. To the business owners and the entrepreneurs.
Well I guess I might as well not be looking for a job from you. I know you will be laying off more workers, closing shops and moving away. I’ll miss you but I can’t blame you for closing down and leaving. The voters have spoken and you productive people are just not worth the effort to keep. Good luck wherever you end up.

5. To the youth of the state, the best and brightest, the ones who excel in school and will build tomorrow.

Get out! As soon as you have your degree head for Pa, or Va or AZ or even NH if you can’t bear to leave New England & the Red Sox. There is nothing to keep you here. I urge my sons as soon as their school days are over to take this advice. There is always video chat for us to see each other daily. By leaving you will most assuredly be able to afford a better house, pay lower taxes, keep what you earn and create a business of your own. I’m getting old, I’m not going anywhere but Massachusetts is no place for a young person who wants to succeed.

6. To the Tea Party Movement in the State:

We fought the good fight and contested almost every race. We forced the machine to expend time, effort and treasure to defeat us here. Like the 1st Minnesota at Gettysburg we charged forward knowing what it would likely mean to us, but also knowing that it would tie down millions of dollars that were not spent in Virginia and Florida, and Ohio. We kept congressmen tied up who could not campaign against our fellow republicans and conservatives and forced them to drain their war-chests. (War Chests that will be harder to refill now that they hold minority status). Like the 1st Minnesota we were soundly defeated with only a few small races won, but also like that glorious regiment our actions helped save the country from the damage that the democratic majority has done and in two years we will fight them again, and once again tie them down and keep them here to defend their east coastal flank. We must contest them at every level, at the state house, in local city counsels, in school committees. We must attend hearings and cal them out and let them know our attention is not going to be diverted.

By doing this like drops of water on a rock eventually we will make them crack.

7. To the state GOP.

Rule one: Social conservatives are not going to vote for people at the top of the ticket when they are to the left of Deval Patrick on those issues. Either give us real republicans or don’t bother to expect us to give you our votes. 2. When Tip O’Neil flipped the state he worked from the ground up, on local races first. Until you get it through your heads to build up the farm team we will continue to lose and deserve to. 3. We are smart enough to know that other than the odd veto that a republican governor is worthless when the democrats have super-majorities in the statehouse. Stop diverting funds to the top of the race in the hopes of getting cushy appointments for friends and work on party building, after all we aren’t looking to replace one set of crooks with another.

8. To the rest of the country

Don’t mind us, pretend we’re not here and carry on. Hopefully we will catch on before our population drops to the point where we are down to 3 electoral votes, of course by that time you won’t care what we think.

9. To Annie Dimartino and Loud Liberal

I will pay you your cup of tea and the lunch sometime next week. We can arrange the day

Massachusetts has spoken! The people have the right to be wrong and we have exercised that right in dramatic fashion and we will get our just desserts.

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  2. bobbelvedere says:

    Very, very well-put – bravo, Pete.

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  4. Paul in BarneyFrankistan says:

    Like reading my own thoughts, but phrased as well as I could imagine.

    The capstone, for me, was electing an admitted tax cheat as our state auditor. Sums up the Mass hackarama perfectly.

  5. And I thought New York was bad. Sorry, Pete. You sure did give it your all, as did the candidates.

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  7. pnclaw says:

    Hi, I stumbled on your link via leftcoastrebel. You left a kind comment on my blog. you have a chin-up way to handle your disappointment. We on the left coast is feeling the blue with our disappointment big time: Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer.
    My curious mind wanted to know if it could have been different, and dug up some stats. Only if more conservatives go out to vote!!!
    44% registered dem, 31% registered republicans; but only 43% voters turn out (from governor race stats.
    Any way, great to have majority in the House.

  8. lady_patriot says:

    Thank you…very well said. I see the state continuing to lose until the only people left here will be those on entitlement programs and public sector employees. The rest of us will go “John Gault”. I have been in Mass my whole life and I am thinking of leaving.

    But I will stay and fight so I can see Bill Gunn become our voice in Congress when this state finally hits bottom from it’s addiction.

  9. Ted Kennedy is gone. Good thing you have Barney Frank to carry on the legacy of over-weight, corrupt incompetency.

  10. Antonio J. Ingemi says:

    I ‘m very proud of my younger brother Peter Ingemi

  11. Gunning4Victory says:

    The pain of Nov.2 will linger but revenge will be sweet. My night was made slightly brighter when datechguy danced with me!

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