Let’s work under the assumption that I’m totally wrong…

Posted: November 2, 2010 by datechguy in elections
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…about what will happen in Massachusetts today, does that mean all the work we’ve done is for naught? au contraire consider:

  • Every Dollar that the DNCC and interest groups raise to shore up Massachusetts is a dollar they can’t spend elsewhere
  • Every Dollar that congressional democrats in Massachusetts have to spend on their own campaigns is a dollar that they can’t use to help out their fellows all over the country.
  • Every day that Massachusetts pols are forced to campaign hard in Massachusetts is a day where they can’t be out campaigning elsewhere in the nation for a democrat in trouble.
  • Every day that the National media reports on democratic problems in Massachusetts is a day that shifts the narrative in our favor.

One of the principles of successful warfare is to keep your enemy pinned down while you exploit their weaknesses and maybe just maybe they make a mistake and you can push through.

Even if I’m all wet about everything else, this action has kept Millions of dollars and many many operatives pined down.

Take a bow Massachusetts, for even if we manage only one seat, we have played an important part in the Big Red Wave

  1. Chris Lackey says:

    Don’t forget Delaware. You were simply wrong about Delaware as well. Let’s hope you review your process by which you come up with conclusions you feel comfortable proclaiming.

    You’ve claimed to speak for what the majority believe, but here’s the proof you’re wrong, I hope you now fight for what we’ve proven the people actually do want, as you can see the numbers in black and white tonight.

    Extreme tea party candidates like Gunn & O’Donnell have no place in government, and the people can see past them I hope you can soon, as well.

  2. Chris Lackey says:

    And to specify, I mean the people of Massachusetts. Can’t speak for the South!

  3. rightwinggamer says:


    The house races nationwide are looking good. Doesn’t look like we’ll get the senate, but not ONE single house race was won in Massachusetts. Not even my own district. Disgusting.

    Devall wins another term. This is really bad.

    Hope things get better.

  4. dahospitalityguy says:

    Statewide sweep. At least now Massachusetts doesn’t have to hear about how Scott Brown changed the scope of Massachusetts. Though he’s done a fairly ok job so far, he only won because Coakley didn’t put effort in her campaign. Lucky for the Dems they learned that lesson from the special election. The Massachusettsnight sky is BLUE again.