If Charlie Baker fails to win today it will be for this reason…

Posted: November 2, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news, politics
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I talked to people at Mass and at the K of C yesterday and I was very surprised to hear so much support for Tim Cahill…until I read this:

“As you know, the MCFL State PAC endorsed Tim Cahill for Governor last spring. Tim answered our questionnaire 100% pro-life. He pledged to opt out of the abortion funding in Obamacare. We were pleased for our people to have someone for whom to vote because the other candidates hold aggressively pro-abortion positions.

“Unfortunately, Charlie Baker is still (in his own words) ‘to the left of Barack Obama on social issues’ and Deval Patrick has never been for life.

Occasionally there is a race with candidates whose positions are so stridently pro-abortion that no one in conscience can vote for them. That is the case with Baker and Patrick.

Let me follow up with a pronouncement by the Pope:

… Pastors should remind the faithful of their duty to use their votes to advance the common good. He said when political platforms consider decriminalizing abortion, democracy itself is undermined and “betrayed at its very roots.”

Do I think that Tim Cahill’s abortion platform is for expedience, yup. Could his abortion support in the first place been expedience? Yup, I’ve seen many Catholic Pols shift on abortion and gay marriage in order to move up in the democratic party which is perceived as the only game in town. Now lets again go over the rules for Mortal Sin:

1. Grave Matter (Abortion? Yup)

2. Full Knowledge (Do I know the candidate supports abortion and there is no pro-life alternative?)

3. Done Deliberately (Knowing the two above do I still make that vote advancing abortion?)

I’ve talked to many voters who are planning on the full republican ticket except at the top. It confused me until yesterday when for the first time one of them mentioned abortion. I must confess until yesterday I was totally unaware of this issue (which doesn’t reflect well on me).

I am a Catholic Blogger, a VERY Catholic blogger. Like all members of the Knights of Columbus when I say the pledge at the very end I add the words “Born and Unborn”. I was considering the situation (if the pro life candidate is non-viable is choosing between two pro-abortion candidates allowed?) when I looked at the comments on that Red State post hitting MCFL and at Universal Hub cheering abortion.

One of the reasons why I became a republican is because As a Catholic who you know actually BELIEVES in Catholicism The democratic party brands me a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobic etc etc etc. Reading the comments at those two sites brought back memories of those halcyon days.

For this I give as a gift to those sites the Wheel of Fish award:

Tim Cahill ran as an independent because he believed that “Republican” would always be a dirty word in Massachusetts, that was true until it wasn’t. The same holds true with abortion. It will be a pro-abortion state until it is not.

And I repeat and if Charlie Baker loses this race today, this is the reason.

  1. bobbelvedere says:

    Good points, Pete. The abortion issue is one no one likes to talk about in the Bay State. I think some folks will vote against Charlie Baker as a sort of way to honor the late Dr. Mildred Jefferson.

    I also think another factor plays into it…
    If Mr. Baker wins, it will be because he was carried on the wave of revolt against our socialist masters, not because he ran a very good campaign. In fact, Baker ran a very bad campaign, one that would have been just fine in any other year in the past. While it has been understandable, given where he’s running, why he has stayed clear of any TEA Party connections, if he had picked up and run with their themes, he would have been coasting to victory. Instead, he ran as just another fiscal conservative and social libertarian [a clone of Weld and Cellucci]. And, combined with what you were talking about, that’s why he will probably lose by a hair to an incompetent race huckster.

  2. bobbelvedere says:

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