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I had to dash off to morning mass but watching the MSM this weekend and this morning it is clear that the media has given up on persuading the voters.

They have come to the conclusion that the republicans are going to win and win big, gone are the optimistic words about close races and democrats coming back. Instead comes the spin on how many seats the republicans will win and the divisions it will cause and how the president will handle it.

Why the change? For the view voters who still believe them it is VITAL to the MSM that they be seen saying what is actually going to happen. As long as there was a chance that they could change the narrative into a democratic victory they soldiered on. Talking about democratic come backs, republicans gaffes and fringe polls favoring their message.

But as the Stewart rally failed to get people excited (or entertained) and the internals show the drift away from Democrats by independents the mission is a failure..You can already see the unhappiness in the MSM and the joy on Fox (and lets not pretend that Fox does not lean right) It is going to be serious schadenfreude this week for us on the right.

So instead their new mission is to be perceived as actually reporting news rather than spinning it. Thus comes media credibility day, the day the press decides to act like actual reporters instead of liberal advocates, it will last long enough for them to claim that they called the election correctly…

…then it will be back to the MSM that we all know and…well that we all know.

Update: The lovely Samantha Guthrie proves me right

After a week of silence, NBC Nightly News finally mentioned that President Obama, in an interview with Univision Radio last Monday, October 25, encouraged Hispanic voters to not sit out the election, but say “we’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us.”

Newsbusters misunderstands. They didn’t just notice it today. They decided that withholding the info would not help Democrats in any measurable way so there was no longer a reason to embargo it.

Talked to Bill Gunn before we went on the air:

For those who consider this seat safe, $850k is a lot to spend on a safe seat when dems are in trouble all over the country.

In his spectator article:

John Barrow is a Democrat endorsed by Barack Obama. Or, depending on who he’s talking to, John Barrow is fighting against Barack Obama and the Democrats. Judging from his campaign’s mixed messages, Barrow believes a majority of voters in Georgia’s 12th District want to re-elect a one-man bipartisan compromise.

There have been exceptions but this has been the story of democrats this year.

Catch up with more of Stacy’s final road trip of the election season here.

…that I have to tip my hat to the administration on.

One of my biggest worries with this administration was how they would handle the war on terror. In terms of diplomacy they have been so so at best, but in terms of:

1. Fighting the wars

2. Stopping attacks from hitting the US.

This is job 1. The economy is important but the first job of an administration is to protect the country from direct attack and to win existing wars.

I have no idea how hands on this administration is or if they are just letting existing governmental organizations function as they had been working in the past, I don’t care how much if any politics are involved, it doesn’t matter, on this issue I’m a bottom line kinda guy.

As long as they win the wars and keep the country from being attacked then the Obama Administration is succeeding in job one. And that will make a big difference in my final ranking of the presidency when it ends in either 2 or 6 years.