I must be doing something right

Posted: October 31, 2010 by datechguy in Uncategorized
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The more people on the left who feel the need to counter me, the more likely I’m being effective.

I am very proud to be compared to Jim Hoff who I’ve met and interviewed and is a fine Catholic Gentleman.

I look forward to the other side continuing to spend time attempting to counter me. I trust my readers to cut through the noise and see what is there.

One of the things religion gives you is the concept that reality exists, and no amount of smoke is going to change it.

  1. Chris Lackey says:

    Interesting approach. Instead of disputing my facts & research, you’re hoping your readers will “cut through the noise” of actual, boots on the ground research and facts instead of just linking to other dishonest conservative bloggers who misrepresent data.

    And don’t mistake my odd, masochistic obsession with proving you wrong with “the left” taking notice to your blog. I am not part of the organized left.

    Interesting analogy shown here, that really shows your readers what you’re trying to do – labeling facts and figures “smoke.” It’s that proud-to-be-stupid atmosphere taking over the right, and combine that with dishonesty and knee-jerk reactions, and you have the Tea Party.

    One question to tie things up for you, Pete. Do you support the theory of evolution? Or do you use “common sense” in the way the right uses the term, and believe in intelligent design, or creationism?

  2. Chris Lackey says:

    We have been on hiatus for about 2 months since the Beck episode, but will be recording this coming weekend. A couple of us are into politics and wanted to focus on volunteering for campaigns, plus we wanted a break for a bit.

  3. It’s the Catholic in you!!!!! Wait, it’s the fedora…. Wait, it’s both!!!! :)