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A lot of people are breathless on Cook’s moving Barney Frank from “likely democrat” to “lean democrat”.

Anyone who has been actually paying attention to this race on the ground has seen for weeks that all the momentum has been Sean Bielat way.

Anyone looking at Bumper stickers in the state over the last two years noticed a change.

Anyone looking at the competitive REPUBLICAN primaries and a VERY successful write in campaign with little or no state GOP help knew that something was happening.

Anyone who has been doing calling and canvasing in Massachusetts knows that unenrolled (Independents) are breaking Republican all over the state, and 51% of the people in this state are registered “unenrolled”.

The Big Red Wave is coming and it will wash over this state up and down the tickets, only the considerable number of 3rd party candidates (have they had some help?) put some of the republican wins in doubt. I’ve been making this case for a month and people have discounted it.

It’s going to be a long night for the donkeys and Massachusetts is not going to provide a whole lot of comfort.

Pat Austin at one of our Blogs of the Month links to Victor Hanson’s piece on Wikileaks.

Note also that there is no attempt at systematic or coherent leaking. WikiLeaks mostly targets the West. It may now and then leak to us something about dastardly behavior by an African or Chinese bureau or religious sect, but it really does not tend to uncover things about the Russian, Iranian, Cuban, or Chinese armed forces in any way commensurate with its fixation on the U.S. military. It either has no wish to, has no means to, or is very afraid of the consequences — in the fashion of the reaction to the Danish cartoons — should it choose to do so.

VDH is being diplomatic, Pat decides not to dance around the issue

Call me naive, but could someone explain to me how it’s not treasonous when he’s endangering the lives and revealing the secrets and methods of our U.S. military operations?

That’s a real good question, since he is not (to my knowledge) a US citizen then it is not treason per-se, but any serviceman or person in the government who leaked said information is guilty of treason, and should be subject to the hangman.

Mr. Assange is an enemy of the US and should be treated accordingly.

Blunt enough for you?