Peg and Ed Koch get it

Posted: October 28, 2010 by datechguy in elections, politics
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At What if (One of our featured blogs of the Month) Peg links to an Ed Koch column that sees what I do:

It is for these reasons, I believe, the coming November tsunami will roll across America and give the Republicans, who are undeserving of the honor, control of both Houses. The American public is enraged and wants to punish those who have been in charge of the country. They know those who will replace incumbents may be as bad or worse, but they also believe they can’t do any greater damage.

Koch is more sure of the Big Red Wave than Peg is but look at the emphasis in the excerpt.

When I’ve told people that the tea party doesn’t trust the republicans, I’ve been laughed at. People on the left totally believe the tea party is a wholly owned totally bought subsidiary of the GOP. At the 9/12 rally when I plunged into the crowd NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN IT WHEN ASKED SAID THEY TRUSTED THE GOP and all said that if the GOP kept spending they would be back to protest them.

I have faith in the Big Red Wave, it’s the Grand Old Party that worries me.

  1. Peg says:

    Pete – not so much that I don’t believe in the “Big Red Wave” (though I sure WANT to do so!) It’s that I fear of being too optimistic before the fact – and I also worry about what mischief (translation: illegal activities) some Democrats might pull in our voting process. Remember; I live in MN. I’m not so sure that our last election for Senate wasn’t based upon some faithful Democrat leaving Republican votes in the trunk of their car for a few days ….