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Yesterday’s debate was not broadcast live, but I got every question and statement so without further ado here is the forum:

The rules explained:

Opening Statement Bill Gunn (R):

Key Line: “People working is not a government revenue enhancing program, it is a people revenue enhancing program”

Opening Statement Michael Engel (I):

Key Line: “We are losing our democracy and building what I call the corporate state.”

Opening Statement Congressman John Olver (D)

Key Line: “…we have passed three truly landmark bills. One to jumpstart America’s economy, second to provide affordable healthcare to all American Citizens and third to reform Wall Street. “

Olver on Social security:

Key Line: Olver “…It (Social security) has been extremely successful as an anti-poverty program.”

The rules about the card signals were not explained before this question and it threw Congressman Olver off at the end here. That wasn’t his fault.

Engel and Gunn of Soc Security

Key Line: Gunn “…Social security is an agreement that’s been made with American citizens who have paid in all their lives, something that must be honored…”
(note because of the rules interruption this was put up apart from John Olver’s initial answer.)

Question on high-speed rail:

Key Line Engel: “I support the funding of high-speed rail projects, unfortunately we are about 20-30 years too late.”

Question on the secure community program (illegal immigration)

Key Line Gunn: “…ask every legal or illegal immigrant that habitually goes on our social services to leave our country.”

Would you support another bailout?

Key Line Olver: “We would have been in a depression if we did not do a bailout at that time.”

Please identify a federal program you would eliminate or cut?

Key Line Gunn: “…allow the communities and states to make their own decisions they will educate our children better as evidenced by our education system pre-department of education. We were #1 in the world folks; and now we’re slipping terribly.”

Question concerning Questions 1 & 3

Key Line Engel: “the state government is not about to cut its own waste and fraud, they like that waste and fraud.”

Client reimbursement/ Obamacare question

Key Line Gunn: “We need to repeal Obamacare. Obamacare can not be fixed, it will be the destruction of the best healthcare system in the world.”

What would you cut other than waste?

Key Line Engel: “First of all I’d take the proposal of Ron Paul (libertarian) and Barney Frank (democrat) both advocate cutting 1 trillion dollars from the military budget over the next 10 years.”

Question Don’t ask Don’t tell:

Key Line Olver: “I am for abolishing the Don’t ask don’t tell policy, point-blank.”
The combined answers of all three took under 45 seconds

Closing Statement Bill Gunn:

Key Line: “I offer you the difference between the three candidates today. I offer you on the one hand a candidate that respects liberty, respects freedom, respects the potential of every individual to attain heights only imaginable. I offer on the other hand candidates that want to dictate to you what healthcare you must have or not have, what you can and cannot to, and will sentence your children to a life of mediocrity.”

Closing Statement Engel:

Key Line: “Both of them are obliged to follow the party leadership weather they like it or not.”

Closing Statement John Olver:

Key Line: “I believe my economic development initiatives have made a difference…”

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