“Shut up and sing” catches up to Andy Griffith

Posted: October 26, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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As he is won’t to do, Glenn Reynolds notes sales on Amazon and mentioned that the Andy Griffith show is discounted. To nobody’s surprise Glenn’s readers who have noticed Griffith’s shilling for Obamacare have been unimpressed.

Reader Jim Breed writes: “Does the Andy Griffith series have the episode where Andy approves as Dr. Obama gives Aunt Bea the blue pill?” Heh.

And reader Paul Beardsleee writes: “I always enjoy seeing your pointers to Amazon deals. I think I’ll pass on the Andy Griffith Show boxed set. Seeing ‘Sheriff Taylor’ shill for Obamacare makes me wonder whether Barney Fife needs to go all Serpico on his boss.”

Griffith’s fame comes from a time when there was less separation from the public image and the private beliefs of actors. Griffith make a famous video in favor of then candidate Obama with Henry Winkler and Ron Howard before the election and he donated his time to support Obamacare on the air.

Now the Andy Griffith was a pretty good show and at his age (84) I suspect he isn’t all that much worried about the bit of residuals those sales will bring, but I’ll wager a few other members of the cast and their descendents might not be so happy.

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