Question #3 and my youngest son

Posted: October 26, 2010 by datechguy in politics
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My youngest is not old enough to vote yet but my oldest is. (His first ballot cast was for Scott Brown).

He asked me if government would just raise other taxes if Question 3 is passed, so I gave him the easiest explanation I could give, government is like his younger brother. To wit:

  • Me: “If you give your brother $20 how much of it will he spend?”
  • Oldest: “$20”
  • Me: “If you give your brother $10 how much of it will he spend?”
  • Oldest: “$10”
  • Me: “So if you don’t want your brother to blow his money, do you give him a $20 or a $10?”
  • Oldest: I guess I’ll vote “Yes” on question 3.

It’s all in the presentation

  1. Nice analogy. Kids make you think, don’t they?

  2. That didn’t answer his question. He asked wouldn’t the gov’t just raise other taxes? To which the answer is yes. Although sometimes its called a fee.

    The analogy just pursuaded him to vote yes on 3.

    Ask the property owners in NH how they feel about the 0% sales tax. Then compare their property tax % to that of Massachusetts.

    You call for immigration laws to be enforced, well why not tax laws? Isn’t it illegal to purchase in NH and transport the good into Massachusetts avoiding taxes? Don’t you still have to pay Mass tax on that purchase? Lets enforce our borders with State Police & Auditors. Put them to work. On things they should be doing anyways.

    The problem here isn’t the tax rate. Its the nonenforcement of the tax law.