“In my era, equality is a given, so we can hit anyone!”

Posted: October 26, 2010 by datechguy in oddities, politics
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One of my pet peeves is politics is the idea that you can’t be tough on a woman in a debate or candidate forum. I’ve seen questions and commentary for years where people go after men for being too tough on a woman during a debate, in an attack ad etc etc etc.

This just drives me nuts. If a person is competing for a political position, they are competing for a position, not as a “man” or a “woman” but as a citizen. I expect any candidate running for public office to be able to take it. This isn’t beanbag, a public office is a public trust and nobody is going to hold your hand when the going gets rough.

You can either serve in the office or not, you can either take the heat or you can not and if you can’t then do something else.

(BTW the quote above is from an issue of the Justice League from the 80’s. There was a character called Booster Gold who was from the future. During one of the fights of heroes vs villains, a female villain is cornered by Booster Gold, strikes a very feminine pose and asks: “You wouldn’t hit a woman would you?” He says, well you see… the next panel is the word BAM and the third panel is him giving that explanation in the title to the now floored villain who groggily answers: “Thanks for explaining that to me.”)


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