Sun rises in east, Globe endorses democrats

Posted: October 25, 2010 by datechguy in media
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This really isn’t worth a post except for one point.

The Globe’s willingness to endorse Tierney simply shows that there is no level of corruption or illegality that a democrat can do, oh I’m sorry be “ignorant” of that would cause them to endorse a conservative republican.

Michael Graham notes this and Opines:

My favorite part? Their headline is “A Record of Accomplishment.” In-freakin’-credible.

He gets very upset over this, I don’t see why, they Democrats have a record of Accomplishment, just not a record of positive accomplishment.

It will be almost as much fun reading the Globe on the 3rd & 4th as it was watching MSNBC after the Brown win.

Update: I have no idea what those block quotes are doing there.

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