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Peter Durant spoke to me in the WCRN studios:

A real measure of the Big Red wave in Massachusetts will be the success of campaigns like his for State Rep

Liz Carter (Ga-4) at Candidate Forum

You might recall back in May I took a trip to Ga-4 to cover the republican primary race as Liz Carter faced 3 other opponents and won the Republican nomination outright to face Hank Johnson in the general election.

In a district that with a black majority, who went for president Obama with one of the largest margins in the nation and that was represented by Cynthia McKinney the election of a white republican woman would be considered impossible, but Liz has fought hard and not conceded a single vote.

On her blog today she shows the FCC report for the campaign and there is a perfect illustration of the difference between republicans and democrats therein.

More democratic Deficit spending

Johnson is a well liked sitting congressman in a majority black district. Liz Carter is a republican who is fighting the good fight in a district as blue as the state of Massachusetts, yet not only has she out-raised Congressman Johnson during the October home stretch but Her campaign is running a $6500 surplus while Congressman Johnson is running a deficit of over $24,000.

Tell me who would you rather have managing your tax dollars?

Three cheers for my hometown paper!

Gunn has already made good on his promise to listen to the people, holding several town hall-style forums across the far-flung district. (Here the incumbent, ever the earnest lecturer, could learn something from his challenger.) Gunn’s candidacy is truly a grass-roots effort born of the tea-party movement, and he acknowledges that his is an uphill battle. He said he is relying on the more conservative pockets of the districts, such as those right here in the North Central region, to deliver him victory.

Oh, lest we forget, there is an independent in the race, Michael Engel, who is a self-described Democratic socialist. Enough said there.

The race for the 1st Congressional District is a microcosm of the battle for control of Capitol Hill being waged across the country. It’s a race of big government vs. smaller government. More taxation vs. less taxation. Government telling you what’s best for you vs. you telling the government what’s best for government. That’s why we endorse Bill Gunn for Congress in the 1st District.

I beg I URGE my readers to consider kicking in to help Bill, if he had 1/10 of the money that is going to Sean Bielat he would have this race in a walk.

Help us make ma-1 part of the big red wave!

Answer: No More than two of them

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I was perusing the net this morning when I found an open thread at Ace’s place that linked to this series of vintage ads.

It is pretty clear that none of those ads would pass muster in the west today, but looking that them a 2nd time. It would seem to me that most of them would pass muster in the Islamic world.

So my question is this: Look at the vintage ads in the link and tell me how many would be unacceptable in the Middle east?

In fact let’s have a poll

I think it’s an interesting question