The best will always have a buyer

Posted: October 23, 2010 by datechguy in business
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You might remember that a while back I asked Mike Romano if the poor economy is hurting him, he reported that it wasn’t so bad because a lot of people who would normally go out to eat were now buying high quality meats and eating at home.

Likewise I was down at Viola’s Fitchburg Tire and asked Ray if the Michelin tires were selling worse in a bad economy. (As a rule you pay a lot more for a Michelin Tire than any other brand but the quality is very high.)

Ray Said the Michelin’s were doing great and explained #1. People were buying Michelin’s because they needed cars to last longer and Michelin’s helped, #2 People who have the money will always buy the best #3 Brand loyalty, he bluntly stated that once someone tries Michelin’s they tend to stick with them.

I asked if these tires are really that much better, Ray insisted they were and as you might recall he know more about tires than most.


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