New feature DaBlogs of the DaMonth

Posted: October 23, 2010 by datechguy in blogs

One of the problems with a blogroll that is constantly growing is that once it gets to a particular size it gets ignored.

So we are starting a new feature here called DaBlogs of the DaMonth.

Every month I will put three blogs on this list, at least one will be from my existing blogroll and at least one will not. This will serve to highlight blogs that might otherwise not get noticed in the clutter.

We will start off with 2 existing blogs. The first-rate Rich’s Comics blog with some of the best Dr. Who comics ever made, Peg’s blog What If, who I still feel obliged to for getting banned from LGF on my behalf and from outside the blogroll we have And so it Goes in Shreveport.

Give each one a peek during this last 10 days of October, next month three new blogs will move up on this list.

A hat tip to the Lonely Conservative who gave me the idea

  1. Thanks for the link! Love the interview with Prof. Jacobson, by the way!

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