Three more things about Juan Williams and NPR…

Posted: October 21, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, media
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…to add to what I’ve already said.

1. NPR has the right to hire and fire anyone they want, I just wish they wouldn’t do it on my taxpayer dime

2. NPR’s main listener base is very liberal and hate Fox News, I suspect they were glad to have an excuse to dump him and make the liberal givers happy.

3. Gateway pundit reports that NPR says the amount of their budget they get from the Government is trivial. If that is the case then they won’t miss it will they, particularly in a time of budget problems.

This is going to be a defining moment in this election, it crystallizes exactly what political correctness and liberalism is.

Update: just got a tweet about this from Dan Riehl

Is it because the pledge drive lasts all week and they want Leftists coming back and ponying up even more as they engage in what amounts to an informational lynching of a now dismissed colleague of ten years? Just how far, or perhaps, how low, is Soros’s new flack, NPR, willing to go to try and damage Williams, while lining its pockets with progressive cash in the process?

Have you no shame, NPR? At long last, have you no shame? Or, has George offered up another million if you humiliate, if not destroy, an accomplished and credible black journalist like Juan Williams, simply for having the audacity to appear on Fox News?

I think we have the answer.

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