Just saw the new Sean Bielat Ad for Ma-4: Update here is the ad

Posted: October 21, 2010 by datechguy in congress, elections, fun, media, politics, special events
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UPDATE: Here is the ad it’s up a bye bye barney.org:

…that I’ve discussed in the past. It is VERY funny and first rate. Well done Ladd Ehlinger!

Since the ad is now technically “up” Here are the last of my behind the scenes videos from the shoot. I left them out because they contained the sound track:

And the 2nd

And the last:

Full disclosure, my oldest worked as a secondary assistant in the making of this ad.

Update: The ad will not technically be “up” till 5 so I will be linking to it then but I had the OK for this upload at 4 so we are covered.

Update 3: Ace and I hit the UPDATE button at the same time

Update 4: Stacy McCain has a classic line:

Help Him Beat Barney Frank, and Then
Maybe Bristol Palin Will Teach Him to Dance

  1. Miss Sharon says:


  2. […] CONGRESS Help Him Beat Barney Frank, and Then Maybe Bristol Palin Will Teach Him to Dance UPDATE: Da Tech Guy has behind-the-scenes video clips where you can hear Ladd laughing himself silly over the dancer Kira’s brilliant moves. Ace […]

  3. jhillstephens says:


  4. […] Da TechGuy posted some behind the scenes footage from the making of this video. So that’s how they do it! Cool! […]

  5. Great job. Love the green screen shots. Video up and linked at Maggie’s Notebook.