Joe you didn’t just say Palin would have been more electable staying in Alaska?

Posted: October 21, 2010 by datechguy in media, opinion/news
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It’s my first full day home and first full night sleep since my 5 state trek covering congressional elections and what do I hear when I get to see morning joe from practically the start? A memorable line from Joe Scarborough:

He said Sarah Palin although she has made money would have been better off staying in Alaska when it comes to electability.

Joe Joe Joe…

Did you happen to notice who was fighting against this administration when everyone else was saying they had to give into the Obama wave?

Did you happen to notice who has been pushing the tea party movement that is responsible for what his going to happen in this election?

Have you actually looked at home many candidates are going to get elected this year who are Sarah Palin republicans?

Joe I love you man but you guys have a huge blind spot when it comes to Sarah Palin and when you say this kind of thing it may appeal to the MSNBC base but it has no relation to objective reality.

As for polls tell me where Barack Obama was in the polls in Dec 2006 for president.


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