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The NYT has put up its story on Ladd Ehlinger and the Barney Frank ad. One piece of it that I noticed:

Mr. Bielat’s line, to appear at the end of the ad, was supposed to go something like: “I don’t need to dance around the issues. I’m a Marine.” But Mr. Bielat said he did not feel comfortable linking his military service to a political ad in a way that felt “like a non sequitur,” so he improvised.

How honorable is Sean Bielat? He was unwilling to use his Marine service as a prop. How many pols think that way?

Here are a pair of behind the scenes clips first the green screen area

That’s the NYT crew and RS McCain as they cover Ladd

When the ad comes up I’ll put it up with the last three behind the scene clips.

Update: One change since the film was made, it is no longer a “longshot” ah how the news cycle changes

is that when you meet people face to face there is a different dynamic, you build up contacts who can inform you that can really add to your knowledge of events.

Dan is a good guy who is making some good points but without being there the feel of the district is not conveyed:

Scott: “Mister Spock, the ship feels wrong.”
Spock: “‘Feels’, Mister Scott?”
Scott: “I know it doesn’t make sense. Instrumentation reads correct, but the feel is wrong. It’s something I can’t quite put into words.”

And it’s that feel that leads to a lot of good things.

There are a lot of Thank you’s that I’d like to give at the moment.

First for the lonely conservative and her Husband who were great hosts and treated us like kings

The Ann Marie Buerke supporters who gave us a lot of access felt very welcome.

To Bill Jacobson and his wife who gave us internet access and Pizza when we needed it to get a hot report up.

Stacy and Bill

The people at McDonalds in Hancock NY who gave us a lot of time to post and charge

The manager at Friendly’s in Gettysburg Pa for talking to me about her district (pa-19)

To Joe Van Dalsum who I enjoyed talking to so much

To all the tip jar hitters who paid for the rental

To Stacy McCain’s wife who made me Tea

To my friend Steve’s wife who let me recharge my PC at their place

To the nice ladies in Endicott NY who gave me so much of her time and a friendly waitress who served me great cream of turkey soup.

To Hughey Woodring who not only knows more about politics than I will ever learn but is an incredible host

To Ladd Ehlinger Jr for his kindness to my Son

To the readers for giving me my biggest month ever (and we have 11 days still to go)

And to God for getting me home safe

When driving with Robert Stacy McCain…

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Never Drive with Robert Stacy McCain on a full stomach

The amount of Obama 08 bumper stickers I saw on people’s cars after passing through 6 States could be counted on the figures of both hands

One of the oddest things you see is sometimes are groups of 10 of the same sign vs groups of 10 of the opposite sign in the same area. Why bother?

When driving with Robert Stacy McCain, always have extra napkins handy for the coffee to be spilled.

Talked to some State Police in NY the long districts far away result in so many signs up in wooded areas

McDonald’s Wi-Fi is your friend

When driving with Robert Stacy McCain every Deer Crossing sign will be pointed out to you.

The biggest difference in this year vs other years instead of trying to motive the “youth” vote that maybe comes out one year and poof, this year it is the 40 & 50 somethings who are getting involved, and they will STAY involved. Thanks tea party.

Speaking of the tea party, the willful blindness that the left has about it is one of two constants everywhere.

When driving with Robert Stacy McCain the easiest way to annoy him is to put on Doctor Who CD’s on while driving.

When tired even a 5 minute stop to close one’s eyes can be the difference between driving tired vs driving alert

Find an excuse to drive through the mountains of Pa and NY during the foliage season, it was spectacular.

When driving with Robert Stacy McCain, Say your Rosary

Buy newspapers in every town you stop

You have to be unafraid to approach people to ask them questions to do this properly but you also have to know when to make conversation and when not to.

When traveling on the cheap the dollar menu is your friend

When driving with Robert Stacy McCain he will call more people from all over the country than you know yourself.

Never let your gas tank get below a 1/4 of a tank, pay the price if you have to.

My comfortable drive speed is between 70-75 Stacy McCain’s comfortable drive speed is faster than the person ahead of him.

it takes an awful lot of effort for me not to stop at every battlefield and shrine

When driving with Robert Stacy McCain the best way to keep him awake is to talk history and philosophy.