7:42 a.m. Bright eyed and bushy taled in Jamesville NY

Posted: October 18, 2010 by datechguy in congress, elections, internet/free speech, politics
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Got a very good nights sleep, Stacy is still kinda Crashed on the couch but he was up later than me and thus managed to tell this story before I did:

“I work 75 hours a week at this place,” said the owner-operator of a convenience store on State Route 41 in Cortland County. “All I ever get are bills coming in, where they’re raising the taxes on this and raising the taxes on that.”

The silver-haired small business owner’s diatribe had begun when I put a copy of the Syracuse Post-Standard on the counter and he asked, “Reading about all our political prostitutes?”

His business was my favorite stop of the trip, he sold RootBeer Popsicle which I like in the same way Stacy likes coffee and cigs.

He also points out that the store was in fact in NY-24 so I stand corrected about passing through Mr. Hannah’s district.

He also updated his post with an interview with Ann Maire Buerkle

It's not generally known but Robert Stacy McCain weaves a multi colored cocoon and emerges from it daily to blog

So once he emerges from the cacoon we will be off and running.

  1. I just noticed the kids created another new stain on the couch.

  2. […] .Please read the whole thing. That little store — near beautiful Lake Skaneateles — was Da Tech Guy’s favorite stop of the trip. A few more photos:Ann Marie Buerkle meets with supporters at the Grange in Clyde.A Carl Paladino […]

  3. Mary Sue says:

    Heh, Lonely Conservative has her Phillies rally towel on prominent display. You have to like that!