At the Phillips HQ in Elmira

We ended up at the George Phillips HQ in Elmira near 4 p.m. The candidate had a commitment but his campaign manager gave us a run down of the district.

Campaign mgr Matt Hudson Explains the situation

It is a very odd shaped place that is designed to add democratic strength to the district.

The Long and Winding 22nd district

and before you complain about the evil democrats doing that, it was republicans who did so under the theory that it decreased democratic turnout in several other districts at the risk of this one. (think of GA-4 etc)

What we heard is what I’ve heard consistently from voters. New people coming, excited and energized, can’t keep up with sign requests, people of all parties ready for a change. As a rule you take such info with a healthy set of skepticism from a campaign manager but I’ve heard this story over and over again, I’m inclined to buy it.

This is only a glimpse, the views here are all spectacular!

We then jumped into the car and headed north we talked to some voters on the way and a pair just before the meeting with Mr. Phillips campaign man. The consistent feeling was anger, the results slightly different, some were too disgusted to vote, others were angry and couldn’t wait to vote, and one voter didn’t like the Gov choices.

Voters are just as angry but still mixed on Carl

We reached Clyde in Monroe county at the tale end of the event

I'd never actually seen a Grange hall

Buerkle was pressing the …

Buerkle and the voters

…as Stacy and the Lonely Conservative discussed the race

Stacy and the Lonely Conservative talk campaign

Ann Marie Buerkle addressed the crowd and the people seemed to like what they heard. I must confess I’m partial to her myself, her family came from Italy around the same time as mine.

Buerkle addresses the crowd

We have one more stop in NY tomorrow then it’s off to Penn-10. I’ll have some video up tomorrow, meanwhile Stacy’s latest post is here. We passed through Mr. Hanna’s district but didn’t have time to stop today.

Update Forgot to mention we ended up at the Lonely Conservatives place where this report was filed from.

I will be uploading video tomorrow.

Update 2: The Lonely Conservative tells more

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  2. Ann Marie Buerkle really is a great lady. I’ve been covering her campaign since March. I’m thrilled to see this race is getting the attention it deserves.

  3. New York is stony ground for Liberty. I know, I grew up there. Keep up the fight. I’m doing what I can in the more fertile soil of Virginia.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  4. Had I known I was in a photo I would have smiled.

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