Hancock NY 12:35 p.m.

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Hancock NY 12:35 p.m.

One of the disadvantages of chain smoking and chain coffee drinking is you on occasion forget that you put your cig butt in the coffee and thus we are at the nearest McDonald’s to allow Stacy to clear his throat before we continue.

We started off at 3 A.M. from Fitchburg and cruised through Conn. without incident until we hit Gardiner NY where our first event was to be.

An intersection just before Gardiner NY

We arrived at 7:30 and as the breakfast was till noon I took advantage of the nearby St. Charles Borromeo parish to attend morning Mass

St. Charles Borromeo Church Gardiner NY

while Stacy kept watch for the candidate. As the priest was telling us about the unjust Judge and the persistent widow Stacy Discovered that the event was canceled. (not the breakfast, just the Candidate showing up)

The menu at the Monthly Gardiner pancake breakfast at the Fire Station

Stacy was interested in hearing the Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich Columns. I usually avoid reading them so that was bad enough but reading them out-loud was torture. Rich persists in the “violent tea party meme” and Dowd is acting petulant as if she isn’t allowed to be part of the cool girl group. One needn’t fear any liberal being informed or being energized by them so I guess that’s something.

Newspapers at New Paltz

After a brief stop in New Paltz (where I found an open internet in a gas station parking lot) we hit the road again. Our current plan is to hit George Phillips HQ in Binghamton then off to NY-25

Large Roadside sign for Phillips

So far not a lot of interaction with the locals, just some background grumbling. Considering that I am not looking shall we say, my best that’s not a huge surprise.

One oddity, the signs for the candidates have always been at roadsides I have yet to see a sign for any candidate in front of any person’s private residence. I don’t know if that is a NY Law or just an oddity, I’ll find out at the next stop.

Stacy takes a shot

: Stacy tells of our phone conversation with the Lonely Conservative and some “interesting” poll results.

  1. Thanks for the link! See you soon.

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  3. Oh, and no, there is no NY law against campaign signs in yards. Some localities have laws. I don’t know of any that don’t allow them. In my town they’re allowed 45 days before the election.

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