Ezra still has that Journolist perspective

Posted: October 16, 2010 by datechguy in media
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Stacy Teases him but I think the headline is really revealing.

Do the pollsemphasis mine back up the attacks on the Chamber of Commerce?

Not do the facts, not does the evidence, do the polls!

Remember in the days of Journolist (you know that scandal that the Morning Joe crew never asked Ezra about during his appearances on the show)
when the debate was about spin vs facts. It wasn’t a question of what was true, it was a question of if it would work.

I’m sure Ezra and pals have still have a listserv somewhere that this is discussed but the Journolist priority of how it spins never leaves. That’s because it wasn’t a function of Journolist…it is the function of the people in it.


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