DaTechGuy’s Field Guide to Bloggers: Right Wing Granny

Posted: October 14, 2010 by datechguy in blogs, elections, politics, short films/interviews
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the Blogger Right Wing Granny talked with me after the debate

The newest member of the Axis of Fedora’s take on the debate is here

There were about two hundred people at the event. The Moderator for the event was Stefani Traina of the League of Women Voters of Andover – North Andover. First of all, there was no American flag at this event. Second of all, when one of the candidates brought up the voting record of Congressman McGovern, the moderator stopped him, calling that a personal attack. When the audience responded loudly, a discussion of the candidate’s voting record was permitted.

This was not really a debate. The candidates were not allowed direct exchanges and there were many things said that I personally knew were not true, but there was no provision in the format the challenge the statements made.

Consider adding her to your list of daily reads

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