A bit of housekeeping and FYI’s

Posted: October 14, 2010 by datechguy in examiner columns, opinion/news
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Some FYI’s for the readers

Item: As you already know Stacy and I attended the 3rd district debate last night. I shot an awful lot of video and have more to upload. I’ll be blogging it during the morning, meanwhile Stacy’s clip picked up over 300+ hits overnight (my clip of the full question and Marty Lamb’s EXCELLENT and ignored answer ) 1.

Item: I was so busy with the debate and such that I missed the blog passing the 250,000 hit mark and am only 4000 hits away from passing 200,000k for the year. Thanks so much for reading.

Item: We are up to $150 on the road trip fund. We are still $150 shy for the car rental and we will need $50 for gas and tolls, (we can crash in the car if necessary) still two more days to go before it becomes drop dead.

Item: Yesterday’s Instalanche on the Examiner article Massachusetts soon in a different column produced 4700 hits and $29 buck in revenue. Thanks all.

Today is the quiet day, Tomorrow will be heavy traveling with Stacy and Saturday it will be either covering the president, then president then road trip, or road trip. The decision is up to you.

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