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Anyone who tells me that no election in Massachusetts is leaning GOP isn’t paying attention to stuff like this:

“You can call me an insider, but (Beacon Hill lawmakers) treat me like an outsider a lot of the time,” Patrick said during a wide-ranging interview with Herald editors and reporters yesterday. “We have differences. Some of them are sharp, most of them principled — but nonetheless we’ve been able to deliver the most productive legislative session in 30 years.”

Amid a throw-the-bums-out clamor and saddled with low job-approval ratings, Patrick worked to distance himself from State House leaders and even his own party — welcoming Scott Brown backers and invoking his battle with Democratic House Speaker Robert DeLeo over racinos as proof that he’s taken on the Democratic establishment.

When the democratic governor of the bluest state you can find is making the case that is an outsider and fighting the democratic establishment then Mr. Cook, start moving your races!

Via Glenn who I hope wasn’t drinking when he read it.

David Anderson came from RI to volunteer for Sean Bielat

I went to two different Bielat offices yesterday, in both I’ve seen volunteers come in and help make calls. When you talk to these people you very much get a Scott Brown meme.

It is the ultimate expression of the non beta male.

That’s all.

My latest for the examiner Massachusetts soon in a different column tells of change in the state:

Over and over doors were about to be closed until the voter heard the Magic word “Republican”. When the voter heard that word, doors were opened, literature accepted and thumbs up given. Only one in four at best thought otherwise. Meanwhile on primary day at local polling places I talked to longtime democratic votes had nothing good to say about John Olver who they have been voting for faithfully for nearly two decades.

This evidence is of course anecdotal, but that’s not how I see it. I see it as data points and from those data points I think this state is going to be a source of shock and dismay to liberals from the Atlantic Ocean to the Berkshires.

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