Hey Tim why don’t you ask Clara Csiong…

Posted: October 13, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news, short films/interviews, special events
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…if Obama should be called a socialist:

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner jabbed at Republicans on Tuesday evening for creating a “political myth” that President Obama is a socialist.

In case you’ve forgotten here is what Clara said

Geithner vs Csiong, who do you trust?

  1. Obama is not a socialist. Socialists believe that there is no property and that each person should work hard and do a solid job and then take what they need. Socialists believe that the political system should be abolished because it only serves the interests of the property class. Obama doesn’t believe this stuff at all. Obama believes that he should control the wealth of the nation and then decide where it goes. Obama believes that there is property and that it is all his property. Obama likes political power and believes in the power of politics, seeing the state as a slave to his interests. He is a communist or a fascist, but clearly not a socialist.