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Tom Savanti talked to me before I managed to lose my laptop at the Perry HQ

Stacy added some interesting questions concerning Tom’s Vietnam service.

I talked to Jeff Perry at his Quincy HQ today:

ma-10 was the only race that the national media before the last month gave republicans a chance to win. It will be the start of the Big Red Wave.

Yesterday in a flashback to January Robert Stacy McCain was in the passenger seat as my grey Buick LaSable cruised down Rte 128 (I95 for you non Bay Staters) to check what is going on in the southeastern part of the state.

What we found were people who were volunteering for phone banks and a mood that reflected that old Scott Brown feeling.

Sean Bielat talks to Stacy and I at the Newton HQ

The mood of the people we talked to wasn’t just enthusiasm for Bielat it was downright ugly for Barney as Stacy reported in his Spectator column.

“The way he talked to his constituents, it just turned my stomach,” Debbie said, talking about an August 2009 town-hall event in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, attended by some 500 citizens who overwhelmingly opposed the health-care bill that was then working its way through Congress. “I said to my husband, ‘I don’t care who’s running against him, I’ll work for them — and I’ll work my heart out.'”

Stacy gets a shot in Norton

Debbie didn’t want her photo taken but she was there to make calls and before we could leave a 2nd person joined her to man the phones.

From there we headed East toward Plymouth

Plymouth had ooph for Perry and Quincy (above) had even more

Perry’s HQ in the city of the Pilgrims was hopping as volunteers called voter after voter to highlight the campaign. You could see the oomph and the excitement in the volunteers but you could also see some frustration as desperate democratic “smear and fear” attacks came harder.

That didn’t slow them down and at all however and at the Sean Bielat HP in Newton the mood continued upbeat. The phones were constantly in motion and the volunteers excited at the prospect to defeating Barney Frank continued to double their efforts to keep Frank on the defensive.

This has paid huge dividends. Barney has already felt the need to bring in Bill Clinton, with President Obama also heading to the state the race is likely much worse than the official polls are showing.

Bielat phone banks in Newton


This kind of feeling is what I’ve been seeing all over the state for months and the NRCC has finally taken notice starting to kick into the ma-4 race (Still hoping to see some national dough in ma-1 ma-2 and ma-3).

One of the wonderful side effects of the fights in Massachusetts is the tying down of Monies that Frank and other Massachusetts dems would normally be distributing to democrats all over the country, but with fights all over the state the congressional delegation is keeping the purse-strings close.

One thing is for sure the last time Stacy was here he saw Massachusetts shock the country. I suspect he will be reporting that the aftershocks of the Big Red wave of November 2nd will be even stronger.

And by then my heart will have reached its normal rate after Stacy Driving my car.

Word of advice to bloggers: never give Stacy your keys!

Update: Even as we did all this Stacy had the time to report on some Democratic Anti-Semitic action in Maine

…if Obama should be called a socialist:

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner jabbed at Republicans on Tuesday evening for creating a “political myth” that President Obama is a socialist.

In case you’ve forgotten here is what Clara said

Geithner vs Csiong, who do you trust?