Bad news for the “Loud Liberal”

Posted: October 11, 2010 by datechguy in elections, media, opinion/news, politics, tea parties
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I’ve been having an ongoing debate in twitter with a fellow from my district named LoudLiberal about republicans chances in Massachusetts in general and Bill Gunn’s chances in ma-1 in particular.

He’s a nice guy but I think he would not enjoy Stacy McCain’s post about the Frank/Bielat debate on WRKO:

It was blindingly obvious that the 4th District’s Democratic incumbent is not accustomed to defending himself or his record. Barney repeatedly filibustered, responding to simple questions with meandering stream-of-thought rambles that might have continued ad infinitum if no one had stopped him.

Then again Stacy is a known conservative republican it’s not like the Glove is reporting that democrats are in trouble…oh wait:

Solomon, one of many manifestations of an energized GOP electorate this year, illustrates the political zeal Massachusetts Democrats are up against as they try to hold back a Republican Party determined to make major gains on Election Day. What Democrats lack in enthusiasm, they’re trying to make up for in organization.

It gets worse:

Through vast suburban swaths, independents turned out in much larger numbers to vote Republican, while Democratic turnout in the big cities fell way below the statewide average.

In Haverhill, Leominster, Marlborough, Melrose, Methuen, and Waltham — six nominally Democratic cities that can swing Republican in competitive elections and tilted to Brown in the January special election — independents took more Republican ballots in September than Democratic, often by large margins.

If things are going so bad that the Globe feels the need to report it then Democrats be afraid, be very afraid.

And Republicans, take Roxeanne’s advice and keep working hard.

Update: It gets worse, even the NYT won’t back up the dems on the chamber of commerce attacks.