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Stacy McCain’s report from the Bielat HQ includes this gem:

Moe Lane reports that Charlie Cook just upgraded MA-4 from “safe” to “likely Democrat,”

I also noticed that ma-5 (Jon Golnik vs Nikki Tsongas) is also no longer listed as “safe” either.

In three weeks the whole state is going to be upgraded to “Holy S*#@!” People have no clue what is going on here.

Marty Lamb spoke to me before his appearance on WCRN Saturday.

Marty’s site is here, if you aren’t in a position to kick in a few bucks to his campaign, you can give something even more valuable; your time.

OK Stacy McCain is here in Massachusetts on a one way ticket. Once he is done here he has to get home. He could buy a plane ticket but that would leave a lot of congressional races in states between Massachusetts and Virginia uncovered by dynamic Fedora wearing bloggers and you not informed about them.

How can we get Stacy home and make sure you know about the races you need to hear about? The Solution: Road Trip!

The plan would be to rent a car here, then once Stacy was done with Massachusetts we would drive him home, stopping at key districts to cover different races along the way (Think Tea party express with less singing and more Fedoras) once we get to Stacy’s house, I turn around the car and drive for home (About 10 hour drive straight through).

Tom Wesley candidate in ma-2 talked to me before his appearance on WCRN:

Make sure you take a moment to kick in to his campaign here.

Update: Fixed a dropped T thanks Smitty