Bill Gunn at WCRN

Posted: October 10, 2010 by datechguy in elections, politics, short films/interviews
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I talked to Bill before we went on the air

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  1. dahospitalityguy says:

    Umm…Mr Gunn, of course Representatives vote how they want that’s why we vote for them in a representative democracy. All the citizens of the country can’t go to Washington to debate legislation, that would be overwhleming. Only 100 senators and 300+ congresspersons, who the people vote for in a majority wins competition, debate and vote on legislation. There’s a reason its written that way in the Constitution. That same document you wish to go to Washington to according to your campaign signs ‘protect.’

    Now, answer me this. Here’s the scenario. There is an election. One candidate wins the vote 51% to 49%. Don’t you think those 49% are going to feel unrepresented and those 51% sure will feel represented?

    But the point is the person who wins can’t possibly please 100% of the people of their state/district all the time. They vote how they want to vote since the state/district elected them to do just that.

    Should all of that individual’s votes in congress then be cast as 51% yes and 49% no since thats how the state/district would want it? Then after every percentage vote is cast, the numbers are added up to see if it passes.

    Doesn’t that sound a little bit rediculous?

    Here’s the deal. If you won and were elected to Congress I’d expect you to vote however you wanted. You have your opinions. I have mine. But you would be the elected official so I would expect you to vote however you wanted.

    Would I then say, ‘oh golly gee, I sure don’t like that Mr. Gunn because he voted against that bill that would have allowed such and such’? No I wouldn’t. Why. Because you won the election. You have the right to vote however you please.

    If you wanted to go to Washington and vote ‘No’ on everything be my guest. If you wanted to vote “yes’ that’s ok too. Even if you voted ‘present, hey that’s how he felt like voting. Even if you wanted to cast your vote as ‘poopy’, it’s your right. You won the election. You can do what you want.

    Let me put it this way. Datechguy likes to show the video of Mr Romano making the sausage. I don’t care who raised the pigs. I don’t care what they ate. I don’t care if they were slaughtered by mass grinder or killed individually by a trained butcher. I don’t care if it is put into a casing by machine or if it is hand rolled. I don’t care one bit. I only care that it is available for consumption and also is delicious.

    In the grand scheme of things nobody really cares. We like to see the totals. We don’t care about the box scores. We only care about the final score. Did a bill pass or not. Thats all. If it passes, great. If it doesn’t, oh well, tweak it and vote again later.

    People don’t play ‘fantasy politics’ like they play fantasy football. We don’t elect persons then draft them in the hope they are on the winning side of legislation to get us a point. We don’t score an extra point for every amendment sponsored that becomes a law. We don’t get minus points if a sponsored bill is defeated. We don’t give bonuses for committee postions.

    We elect them to debate what they feel would be best for the country. We expect them to compromise when a stalemate is reached. We expect them to vote. We expect them to represent themselves as a representative from our states.

    That is all that we expect.