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I talked to Bill before we went on the air

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Update: Bad graphic fixed, hey when you’re spending the night dancing you can’t always stop to fix a bad graphic.

…and I have a wedding today.

I managed to talk to him last night after he landed and managed to get a few minutes on the phone with Marty Lamb, Tom Wesley and Bill Gunn before they went on the air last night. You will likely read about that in the next day or two at his blog.

Today he is noticing the negative ads Deval Patrick outside groups have been hitting Baker with relentlessly:

Charles Baker is the Republican candidate challenging Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. Lately, Baker has been targeted by attack ads from a group called “Bay State Future,” headed by Barbara Weniger. But this group is actually a front for Democrats and labor unions

Democrats in this state are VERY scared. You have seen very little polling outside of ma-10, the governor’s race and ma-4 (Barney Frank vs Sean Beilat). If the true extent of what is going on here in Massachusetts gets out the democratic morale and fundraiser nationally could collapse.

Some people have not believed what I’ve been saying about Massachusetts, perhaps once Stacy has a few days in the state he can corroborate what I’ve been reporting.

We had a great time both before and after the WCRN broadcast.

Senator Richard Moore and wife just after the first hour

Before the congressional candidates Dem State Senator Richard Moore was on the air

In the Studio

The three wise men before the show

Three future congressmen

Bill and Marty’s wives joined in for a shot.

Five of the nicest people you will meet

There were quite a few callers from over the state

In the Studio

We took some photos just after we got off the air

The Gang on the air

And Marty provided us with his famous Congressional Barf Bags

Marty Lamb's famous congressional barf bags

After the show we went to a place called Sweet in Worcester

The Gang at Sweet

The crew here was very busy:

Filling pastry orders

And they Don’t stuff the Cannoli until you order:

No soggy cannoli shells here

The place was full and rocking

The place was pretty busy

But John and Sam were the stars of the show

Republicans and Democrats in sweet agreement

In two weeks we will have Bill Gunn, Tom Wesley and Marty Lamb on again. We hope you tune in.

Update: Here is a video I shot at Sweet

I have no idea why I called John “Tom” in that video. Late night I guess.