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Is anyone surprised by this?

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Because I’m sure not.

A trick for Halloween

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What does this video have in common with the election campaign of President Obama in 2008?


Examiner Article One Nation an empty teacup

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My latest examiner article focus on the failures of the One Nation rally:

So did they rock the mall and cause the nation to take notice? Not Quite:

The total failure of the One Nation rally to achieve its ends is the type of discouraging failure that the left doesn’t need at this point in the election cycle.

Michael Graham has been following the McGovern campaign and what he is hearing is unbelievable:

I like to think I’m a jaded, cynical observer of Massachusetts politics, but when I read Rep. Jim McGovern’s claim to support cracking down on illegal immigration, I literally gasped out loud.

McGovern told the MetroWest Daily News that he “wants improved border security, visa monitoring and workplace enforcement and a streamlined process for coming to the country legally.”

Remember this is Massachusetts, the big liberal state that supposedly wouldn’t care about an issue like this, the state that the NYT insists there is no chance for any Republican to win in congress this year and McGovern is suddenly talking tough on immigration? But it gets better!

After repeated Internet searches, I couldn’t find one. So I called McGovern’s press office and asked them to send me a record of any such votes. Among other things, his office sent me – no joke – McGovern’s co-sponsorship of the House version of the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill of 2007.emphasis mine

So he is counting supporting Amnesty as a vote to enforce immigration, and he expects the people of Massachusetts 3rd district to fall for that? There are 10 colleges in Worcester Mass. alone, do you think that some of them might be able to read his record?

If that’s not a reason to support Marty Lamb in ma-3 I’d like to know what is?

And Yes he was once a democrat, don’t forget, so was I, so was he and so was this guy.