The Massachusetts 6th district just got a whole lot more interesting

Posted: October 5, 2010 by datechguy in congress, elections, opinion/news
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Just before I went to Blogcon I said this about Bill Hudak:

Hudak is an excellent speaker who did something that instantly made me like him. He started to run MONTHS before Scott Brown was elected and way before anyone thought the democrats were in trouble.

One of the advantages of standing up and fighting rather than tamely giving up is you get the chance to take advantage of stuff like this:

The wife of US Representative John F. Tierney is poised to plead guilty tomorrow to federal tax charges for managing a bank account that her brother allegedly used to deposit millions of dollars in illegal gambling profits he raked in from an offshore sports betting operation in Antigua.

Patrice Tierney, 59, who is married to the Salem Democrat, is charged with four counts of aiding and abetting the filing of false tax returns by her brother, Robert Eremian, of St. John’s, Antigua.

Bill Hudak’s internal polls already showed Tierney below 50% (bad news for an incumbent, incredible for a dem in Massachusetts) He’s been running hard and the media has been hitting him for a while but even places like the Globe are now see trouble:

You can crow all you want about some kooky yard sign of the president in a turban or whatever but this is a bit more serious to the tune of, oh, seven million dollars. Hudak may be painted as a wing nut – and rightfully so – but he doesn’t have any immediate ties to serious law breaking like this. Keep it mind that Tierney voted against the internet gambling ban while all of this was going on.

For the Globe that’s practically an endorsement

My film of Hudak is here

If there was ever a time to kick in for him on ma-6 it’s now.

I still say at least 3 seats in this state will turn this election. The NYT thinks that’s impossible so I feel really good about it.

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