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I talked to Matt Beaton candidate for the 11th Worcester district about his race:

He is running for the seat that Karen Polito is vacating

First there was the Bill Gunn signs everywhere

Then there was the Olver sign at the closed business on John Fitch Highway that was gone in 48 hours.

48 Hours later it moved to Burger King and was gone the same day.

The Olver sign disappears from Burger King

But at last 48 Hours later it has apparently found a permanent home at Jiffy Lube on 541 John Fitch Highway

I talked to the guys at Jiffy Lube. They said a lady came by and asked permission to put the sign up and they agreed. So the 3rd time is the charm and in a city where Bill Gunn signs abound the John Olver’s sign finally has a home.


Of course if it changes I’ll let you know.

Pray Kathy enlighten us all

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This was an update to my comparison post on OneNation but it is worthy of a promotion.

A commentator at the HuffPo Tunes 59 kindly linked to me using the post to refute the Huffington Post’s claims on the rally. Another commentator Kathy 001 took exception saying:

“LOL! Honey, there are more site that peddle cr@p on the internet than post actual facts. Find yourself a valid source.”

Apparently according to Kathy I am not a valid source. Perhaps Kathy can educate my sadly deceived readers:
Are you maintaining my short film from 9/12 is false and/or didn’t happen? Why or Why not?

Do you maintain that the crowd photos from Becks and One Nation are not authentic? If so why?

Do you maintain that the YouTube videos I linked are false? Do you deny the trash was left? If so why?

What is it about me that makes me a bad source? What other of my videos on youtube do you find false? Why?

My readers anxiously await enlightenment oh wise one.

You might ask why is one upset liberal at HuffPo worth a post here. Two reasons.

1. If the left is getting angry over stuff I’ve put up then I’m doing something right.

2. Think about it. The post in question is made up of simple YouTube videos and links to photos. Kathy makes a blanket pronouncement that the source is poor, why, because if people on the left actually see these photos and videos then they have to explain both the unimpressive turnout and the trash left all over the mall and the WW2 memorial. It can’t be easily explained away. Thus the cry is “Pay no attention to the man in the Fedora behind the curtain.”

This is what the left is reduced to when they no longer control the gates to information. This in a nutshell is what happens at the MSM every day <a href="A commentator at the HuffPo Tunes 59 kindly linked to me using the post to refute the Huffington Post’s claims on the rally. A commentator Kathy 001 took exception saying:”>when they ignore stories that are off message.

They are losing and they can’t handle it.

Update: This one via a Tweet by Divine moments must be phony too:

done by the Secularstupidest

After Glenn put up his I told you so post he notes something significant:

Now why should some professor in Knoxville be able to determine what our national reporters in Washington and New York City could not?

Do we not pay these people — through the extra pennies we pay on a product for advertisements — to know these things?

I think it’s not just a question of paying attention, it’s all about what you choose to report.

The MSM hasn’t chosen to report the failure of the One Nation rally. They haven’t chosen to show the trash photos or the comparison shots of the crowd. They didn’t choose to report on the DOJ scandal or Van Jones et/al.

Yet a vast amount of Americans knew because of social media. The MSM were irrelevant because they came late to a story that was already told in e-mail boxes, tweets and facebook pages worldwide.

Goliath might not be paying attention but it could be because Goliath would rather be ignorant about a fact they don’t want to acknowledge.

One might survive in a niche market but if your business is information and analysis and you are being scooped by people in the street you’d better look for another business pronto.

Update: Along those same lines I wonder if the Torrance Daily Breeze will find this story newsworthy?

California Democrat Rep. Jane Harman’s family business is laying off American workers – including engineering employees in California — and shifting jobs overseas.

If history is the judge I wouldn’t bet on the breeze