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We’ve already pointed out the difference in terms of paying for transportation so lets take a look at this AP story:

Thousands gather for ‘One Nation’ rally in D.C.

Not the tens of thousands like 9/12 or the hundreds of thousands like Glenn Beck, but thousands. Poor Crooks and Liars et/al they can’t even get the MSM to lie for them anymore
A direct photo comparison available here.
Secondly let me remind you of this video:

And lets see one from today

I don’t know what unions these guys belonged to but it apparently wasn’t the trash collectors union.

Every republican candidate should show these two videos back to back on their web sites.

Update: The classic video via nice Deb as she put it, those buses run on a tight schedule

Update 2: Nice Deb flatters me greatly but I should point out the One Nation video isn’t mine

Update 3: another view near the WWII memorial

But they support the troops!

Update 4: A commentator at the HuffPo Tunes 59 kindly linked to me using the post to refute the Huffington Post’s claims on the rally. A commentator Kathy 001 took exception saying:

“LOL! Honey, there are more site that peddle cr@p on the internet than post actual facts. Find yourself a valid source.”

Apparently according to Kathy I am not a valid source. Perhaps Kathy can educate my sadly deceived readers:

Are you maintaining my short film from 9/12 is false and/or didn’t happen? Why or Why not?

Do you maintain that the crowd photos from Becks and One Nation are not authentic? If so why?

Do you maintain that the YouTube videos I linked are false? Do you deny the trash was left? If so why?

What is it about me that makes me a bad source? What other of my videos on youtube do you find false? Why?

My readers anxiously await enlightenment oh great one.

My reviews through the Amazon vine program of Bernard Cromwell latest piece of Historical Fiction The Fort is are available at here and a second separate review is available at here.

I had a little fun with my Amazon review since the story involves the failure of Paul Revere’s only Military adventure that history seems to have forgotten so I give you a stanza or two of my amazon review:

Listen my children and you will hear
Of the unknown failure of Paul Revere
It twas the Summer of 1779.
Not a man left is still alive
Who recalls that infamous day and year

When the British came to Penobscot Bay
And a Massachusetts force came to drive them away
“Attack first by land”,
“No, Attack first by sea”
While for the British, the commander McLean
Held Fort George though it was incomplete

A Pinball machine interlude

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Let’s get the political off the mind for a moment:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All these shots are from Lanes and Games in Cambridge Mass.

Live at WCRN now

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3:45 p.m Barbara Espinosa from American Freedom Blog is now on with us and Bill Gunn

3:35 p.m Bill Gunn Candidate in ma-1 now on the air

3:25 p.m. Tom Wesley candidate for congress in ma-2 now calling in.

3:10 p.m. Q: “Why are Massachusetts voters supporting Republican this year?” Answer: Republican fiscal conservatism.

3:06 p.m. Back with Matt Beaton, lines are open if you want to call. 508-438-0965

3:00 p.m. Did a quick off air interview with Matt

2:50 p.m. Now talking to Matt Beaton candidate for the 11th Worcester district

2:47 p.m. Dashed off for a quick DaTechGuy interview with Pat Barron will go up tomorrow

2:45 p.m. State Rep candidate for 5th Worcester district Rodney Josephson now on the air

2:40 p.m. Shane Hays the second half of the back from the dead crew is now on air.

2:35 p.m. Asked why conservatives should back him when those few points might re-elect McGovern. Insists republicans are broken and haven’t stood up to McGovern.

2:15 p.m. Back with Patrick Barron

2:10 p.m. Champagne is coming out to celebrate the friend back from the dead

2:00 p.m. We are about to start with the independent candidate for ma-3 Patrick Barron