Voices of the Tea Party Julie and Sam Grant

Posted: September 29, 2010 by datechguy in elections, internet/free speech, local stuff, tea parties
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Julie and Sam Grant give a shout out to their candidate Sheila Harrington.

Harrington is running in the First Middlesex District.

  1. Da Da Da says:

    Wow, Sam is so close minded. He is typical for someone who has (in the primary), and will vote (in the general election) to through the baby out with the bathwater. If he was truly looking for someone with good fiscal leadership he should have supported Connie Sullivan in the primary. Now that Connie is out, again he has the opportunity to do something right for the district, but it looks like he can’t see past the R behind the name on the ballot. I looks like Sam is all about party and not about the people.

    If Sam and Sheila are such good patriots, maybe he can explain why his candidate has such an appalling voting record. If you can’t be bothered to do your civic duty, you should not be allowed to serve. Since 2004 she has missed 14 town meetings in Groton, 4 local elections, 1 General election, 1 primary (national/state) and the 2007 special congressional election (MA 5th).