If my videos haven’t convinced you to support Bill Gunn in Ma-01…

Posted: September 26, 2010 by datechguy in congress, politics
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then this quote from his facebook page should:

While marching in parade yesterday, what appeared to be a 17yr old boy asked me if I was passing out free candy. I told him “NO, I’m the kind of guy that says get a job and buy your own candy.” The look on his face was priceless, a conservative is born.

If that’s not worth a ten spot to his campaign I’d like to know what is?

(BTW Ten spots are nice but volunteering is better!)

Holy guacamole! two instalanches in two days! I was so busy telling my Eddie Long/New Hope church Story to even notice till now. Ma-1 (along with Ma-6 & ma-5 & ma-10) are all incredible pickup opportunities that are being ignored. After you are done giving to Bill take a look at Bill Hudak in Ma-6 and Jon Golnik in Ma-5 and Jeff Perry in ma-10.

In fact check my twitter feed for today where I went over each race congressional race in Massachusetts, I’ve been predicting 3 seats in mass but there are 6 seats that could turn in this state, 7 if you count Barney Frank’s. The other two contested seats while a tough slog have good candidates and are worth fighting for too!

  1. SenatorMark4 says:

    Seriously now. Do you really think a new conservative was created or did he just realize that in watching parades and circuses it is more profitable to applaud for the socialists…if he doesn’t have a job? Of course being able to get money without working, W-2’s or 1099-MISC, tax filings is much easier than getting up and going to work, filing out the tax returns, and dealing with a boss. Freedom? We’ve lost unless we make sure the governments handouts get reported the same as our labors, ie. IRS Form 1099-GOV. If 1099-MISC are no problem for us and can be ramped up in Obamacare then we must DEMAND 1099-GOV for all their handouts!

  2. Sam Freedom says:

    This is too smart for me. It hurts my head to think about it. I’m going back to being a liberal for a while until the pain subsides. If I forget to come back, please disburse my belongings amongst my family and friends rather than leaving me to sign them over to the state.