What I asked at the tea party

Posted: September 25, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, special events, tea parties
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“What State?” What State?” The question was asked again and again as I pointed to and asked people lining the boundary. The answer came back: New York, Maryland, Delaware, Texas, Florida, California, Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts, Washington state and DC, Oregon, Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah, Connecticut , North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, Kansas , Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, Montana , Arizona, New Mexico, Wisconsin and more.

There were just too many people for me to pick out to film so I went through the crowd asking my questions again to groups of 10-20 at a time to get a feel of them:

“What prompted you to come here on a cold wet day to be here?” and the answers came back, Freedom! We’re overtaxed, Obamacare, We’re done being ignored, We don’t want socialism! (This is what gets the media in a huff.) We need to be counted! We want to be heard. A few pointed to their children and said: For them!

“How many of were active politically active three years ago?” A hand or two would come up, invariably those who were active were delighted to see so many new folks, those who had not been active had many reasons for holding back all these years, apathy, wasn’t worried, didn’t think I’d make a difference, had too much work.

This explains results such as Jim McKenna’s incredible write-in success on election day. A large amount of voters who never showed an interest before are showing an interest now.

“Why are you active now?” The answers were more direct, the actions of this congress and president, Obamacare, cap & tax, the bank bill, the bailouts, small business owners in particular were adamant about what this was doing. They talked of the pain of laying people off to survive.

“Who here trusts the GOP?” Not a single hand went up, but people over and over promised me that if the GOP spent like the democrats they would be back to throw them out too. No wonder the GOP is scared of the tea party.

More importantly the MSM spent it’s time on the periphery trying to get a shot, or a soundbite, there doesn’t seem to be any attempt to find out exactly what makes the Tea party members tick, and why the left and the media have no idea what is happening.

On November 2nd they are going to get a very unpleasant education.

Update: Nothing starts your day better than an Instalanche hi folks. The photos people I interviewed for the article above can be seen in this post. I only did one video interview during that questioning. Clara Csiong!:

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  1. Richard Clark says:

    I’ve read longer articles trying to explain the Tea Party phenomenon. Nobody has done a better job, more succinctly, than you did with this post!

  2. M. Simon says:

    100 Seats in the House? 120? Maybe only 80?

    Well Barney Frank thinks he is in trouble. So it must be really bad. Nate Silver (the vote/math wizard) thinks it will be in the range of 30 to 50 seats. Except his model doesn’t account for unlikely voters. No one does that well.

  3. Peg says:

    Excellent report and post – and most deserving of an Instalanche! :)

  4. SenatorMark4 says:

    There is no way to handle the pain that is coming our way financially without a major revamping of how the government runs. Allowing either party to spend our money without any transparency or reporting is what has gotten us here and it will be much easier to track what they do if we demand accountability. If you’re a wage slave you get your W-2. Invest or contract: get your 1099-MISC. Having government take our money, blow a kiss on it and rename it “income, redistributed” without giving the recipients an IRS Form 1099-GOV is what has led to this vacuum sucking our income away. NOBODY knows where it goes or who gets it.

  5. RuralGrit says:

    The Clara interview was wonderful. The true Voice of Experience there! Thanks for the excellent report–as mentioned above, you truly distilled the concept in a tidy article.

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