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…and claims Fisherville Mike for our ranks.

The Axis of fedora moving steadily forward until each and every head is covered!

…I actually think the most important is rule 6:

New Rule: Don’t worry if the Leftist MSM, or David Brooks, likes you.

If they dislike you, or find you to be “spreading the poison”, that means you are winning. See Sarah Palin and the Tea Party as exhibit A of this phenomenon.

Let’s look at the Republicans that the so-called liberal MSM does like, shall we? OK–there’s Dede Scozzafova, Mike Castle, Arlen Specter and Lisa Murkowski. Whatever do they all have in common? Oh yeah–they lost!! Oh, and if Mike Castle had won in DE and Christine O’Donnell had lost, then the MSM would be trying to destroy him right now and would be crying crocodile tears for Christine O’Donnell.

The only republican the MSM likes are either defeated or dead. Period Exclamation Point

The rest of her rules are first-rate, you should read them and Smitty’s post that asks this question:

Is Susannah a slightly refined Dan Riehl? Prior to reading this post, I would not have thought such, but now I’m not so sure.

I don’t think so, I think she’s mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore.


Prince Pizza for a fiver (that $5 American!)

Posted: September 22, 2010 by datechguy in fun
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Just got back from the airport to pick up DaWife’s nephew and his wife who flew in from Alabama to be here for his older brother’s wedding.

Since it involved a trip to the airport it also meant that a trip to Prince Pizza in Saugus was required.

Da Lunch specials are really special

It was the first time I drove there myself (usually my brother is picking me up) I was surprised to see a lunch special that included all you can eat Pizza and ziti for $5

A nice selection of Pies for the buffet

The pies available varied from Sausage, to Onion, to Plain to pepperoni to Green Pepper to Mushroom and they disappeared rapidly. It being Wednesday I was obliged to go meatless so I stuck with Plain and Onion.

I never had the Ziti or sauce here before, the Ziti was al-dente and the sauce was a good sauce but not as good as DaWife’s (after all what sauce is?) who along with my sister in law, her son and his wife were visiting Prince for the first time.

The real gem of the trip was running into the owner Steve. Since I had always come in the evening I’d never met before, he was gracious enough to give me three minutes of his time on a busy day.

One of my favorite things is something that is done well. Running a first class restaurant isn’t easy but Steve does it well. If you are coming home from the airport I strongly suggest you divert yourself up 517 Broadway, Saugus, MA and give it a shot. It’s on Route 1 South you will have to take Route 1 north and reverse direction once you pass it on the left but it’s worth it.