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Steve was a speaker at the 9/11 event at the Washington Monument

He is the head of the Conservative Hispanic Society

Delaware voters are being bombarded by the MSM’s laugh a minute message on Christine O’Donnell, in the spirit of getting things focused on the issues I submit this speech for the O’Donnell’s campaign’s consideration. No charge:

You know the left and the media have had a lot to say about my candidacy, most of it involved laughter.

First laughed saying about how my candidacy was a joke, until we received significant endorsements

Then they laughed at the endorsements that we received saying they were too late until we started to close in the polls

Then they laughed at my chances of winning the primary right up until the actual results were announced.

Then they laughed at our war chest saying even though I DID win we couldn’t compete in the money race, until people like you kicked in nearly $2,000,000 to finance our campaign.

Now they are laughing again, grabbing sound bites from as far back as when I was in high school to persuade you that I’m not ready for this office. They are desperate to change the subject from the issues facing the working families of Delaware and onto sound-bytes from years ago.

So lets get the message out clearly:

There are times in my life when I haven’t spoken clearly but when I get to Washington and vote to Repeal Obamacare that vote will speak loud and clear.

There are times when I’ve been misunderstood but when I vote against Cap and Trade that message will be understood by Washington.

There was a time when I had trouble with student loans, but when I vote against bailing out banks with your tax money you’ll have no question of how I’d manage your tax dollars.

I can tell you these things because I’m proud of the vision I have for Delaware, my opponent and in fact the entire democratic party nationwide wants to change the subject because they know their vision is contrary to what the voters want and need. So they will talk old TV clips and laugh and make jokes, while you struggle to pay your mortgage and get by.

They may think what’s going on is funny. I don’t. I know what hard times are, I’ve had them myself, and when elected I promise that I won’t forget those times while I try to help bring us out of them together.

And that’s no laughing matter.

I had absolutely no idea what the Black family reunion was. Sonja was kind enough to give me a heads up:

It was very kind of them to let a stranger with a camera interrupt their lunch

…in Time all I could think of was Robert E. Lee’s quote about Union Generals:

“I fear they may continue to make these changes till they find some one whom I don’t understand,”

Until the left gets someone who figures it out they will continue to live by their golden rule: There is no issue, so pressing, so vital, so damning to their philosophy that it can’t be countered by the cry: Palin Sucks!

Update: Yup I misspelled his name, that’s what I get for scheduling posts at 3 a.m.