A deal for Mika Brzezinski, physical health meets spiritual health:

Posted: September 17, 2010 by datechguy in catholic, media, oddities
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On Morning Joe the very handsome Mika Brzezinski was shown going up and down the Exorcist stairs 10 times. That is a spectacular display of physical health.

As people know the only shape I can credibly be described as is Round. I’m sure she would like me to exercise a bit more.

But physical health is not the only health that you need.

So Mika I’ll make you a deal, Get me down to DC and I’ll join you up and down those stairs 10 times. (I will have to walk I’m afraid) on the condition that on each trip (up and down) we pray one decade of the Rosary. By the time we are finished it both of us will be better off.

How about it?

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