I didn’t realize Dick Cheney was this sick

Posted: September 16, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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David Corn in this article mentions something I missed:

Cheney, it seems, didn’t have much choice. In mid-July he underwent heart surgery. Doctors implanted a mechanical pump that is typically given to people with heart failure so serious that they would probably die within months without the device. Since then, he has not made any new public pronouncements denouncing Obama for putting the nation’s national security at risk. And there’s no telling if Cheney will ever be able to do so again; there’s been no reporting on his current condition.

Considering his heart situation he has lived a full and useful life, I wish him a full recovery but if he doesn’t recover I thank him for his great service for the country and promise to remember them after he is gone.

  1. rightwinggamer says:

    This sounds a lot like the device my mother had. Hers before her passing was about five pounds and lasted three years. It was still in working order before she died. The previous two were about ten pounds and only lasted about 19 months apiece. His danger isn’t so much the device, but any infections that may come across the tubing of the device.

    From the sounds of the two articles linked, it is exactly that same type of device, a Left Ventricular Assist Device/System (varies from company to company)something that allows the blood to pump without a heartbeat. This one is the size of a battery, which fascinates me.

    The device can also serve as a transport before finding a heart for heart transplant, which was the original intent. It almost sounds like this is part of something called “Destination Therapy” which is meant to increase the span and quality of life, before the end.

    My prayers go out to him. I felt I needed to speak out since I was so close to this subject for the past six years.

  2. Tim K. says:

    I pray to God that Vice-President Cheney will live for many years to come. However, if the worse is to come, I would dedicate a small portion of my life to set the true record straight in regards to one of America’s finest Second-in-Command.

  3. Trish says:

    VP Cheney is a Great American. I pray for his recovery.