“This time I stay and fight!”

Posted: September 13, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, short films/interviews, special events, tea parties
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If there is one person that every one needs to listen to it’s Clara Csiong!

Her family fled two different communist regimes, she knows from socialism and communism lets see the media tell her that she’s wrong.

Val Prieto needs to meet this lady STAT!

  1. Proud2Serve says:

    What an amazing story, and what are the odds you would have found this woman among a crowd of tens of thousands.

    I have met a Vietnamese family who floated near death in a broken boat without fresh water in order to flee communism. I have met many Cubans who risked their lives fleeing Fidel Castro’s communism. I have met a large number of people who, at great peril to themselves and their families, fled communist and socialist regimes to live free.

    I have never met someone who went through that ordeal twice, and Clara’s first experience occurred while living under one of the most ruthlessly cruel butchers to ever walk planet earth (Clara’s timeline places her under Chairman Mao, murderer of at least 60 million of his own people).

    Communist, Socialist, and dictatorial governments have killed more of their own people in the 20th century than who died in all the wars of that same time period. It is about time we stop deluding ourselves that — since we are so much smarter and caring than everyone who tried before us — this time we will get it right. Strong centralized power always leads to tyranny. Zero exceptions.

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  3. OSweet says:

    Clara should run for office.